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Yakitori marinade is delicious with beef, but is great with pork or chicken too. You will need to adjust the cooking time depending upon the meat or poultry you use for the skewers. Yakitori can be literally translated to “grilled chicken,” from the Japanese words yaki (grill) and tori (chicken). Yakitori consists of bite-sized pieces of […]

Ingredients for steak skewers: 500gm minute steaks cut into 3cm wide strips 2 tablespoons (tbsps) vegetable oil 2 tbsps brown sugar 1 teaspoon (tsp) fish sauce. Ingredients for Satay sauce: 1/2 lime juiced 1 tsp honey 1 tbsp soysauce 1 tbsp curry powder 3 tbsps peanut butter 165ml coconut milk splash of water if too […]

Don’t forego a roast dinner just because the weather’s a little warmer. Our light and easy summer roasts are made to be enjoyed while basking in the sunshine – in true alfresco style. Al Fresco Beef Ingredients 1 x 1.3kg lean topside, silverside or sirloin joint 3 large sprigs fresh rosemary, cut into smaller sprigs 300ml […]

Serves: 2-3 Prep and cook time: 20minutes Ingredients: Tzatziki: 180gm greek yogurt ½ cup chopped cucumber 2 tsp dill 1tsp red wine vinegar Lamb or beef: 1 tsp chopped garlic 1 tsp dried oregano Salt and pepper to taste 1lb/450gm lamb or beef cut into strips Grated zest of 1 lemon Relish ½ cup cherry […]