Our Heritage

We, the Vickers family have been farming in the Kibworth area since the 1930s.  Over the years we have worked hard to turn the farm into a highly productive and fertile establishment.  Conservation has been a prominent factor; hundreds of trees have been planted, metres of hedgerow added, water courses enhanced, organic matter incorporated back into the soil structure, all providing natural habitats for wildlife to thrive.

Using our enthusiasm for producing great beef and lamb, we have slowly turned the farm into a productive beef and sheep farm.  We decided to breed from Limousin cattle and Masham sheep and the numbers have slowly increased.  Today we own a suckler beef herd of 120 cows and 400 breeding sheep.

In 2004 we got married and built Binleys Bridge Farmhouse in Smeeton Westerby, named after the canal bridge within the farm.  In 2005, with a great passion for cookery and a marketing background, I, Jill set up the Bridge 67 Cookery School, also named after the number on the afore mentioned bridge.  It was a small diversification project, using beef and lamb from the farm to teach customers how to cook great dishes from scratch.   In 2010 the Bridge 67 venue was built, and the business grew from strength to strength, with a wide range of courses for all abilities and cultures.  However, after 13 years of running the cookery school, we decided to change the direction of the business.  Looking ahead at the challenges facing the farming industry, we have designed a business that will help to make the farm more sustainable.  With the focus on the future of farming, we have decided to concentrate more on the great beef and lamb that we produce.   The vision is to intertwine the farm, the kitchen and the venue.  Using the unique venue for team meetings and corporate team building events,  whilst showcasing our fabulous beef and lamb at seasonal farm feasts.  Indeed, great beef and lamb will be at the centre of everything we do going forward.

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