Bridge 67 – Corporate Venue

Set in the middle of the farm, surrounded by beautiful countryside, where time seems to stand still.  It’s so quiet and peaceful, when you stop all you can hear are the cows and sheep grazing and the birds tweeting.  Its quirky, unique and most importantly different.

The room upstairs was refurbished with a modern feel in January 2018, giving customers a more luxurious experience.  Velux windows provide a bright and airy room and allow the sounds of the farm to gently drift in.  Spot lights give plenty of light and individual reading lights are dotted around the room for more detailed work.  Soft furnishings give it a comfortable feel, which we hope you find relaxing.  The chairs are softly padded for comfort for those extra-long meetings.  With great WIFI and Apple charging points, coupled with TV ATV points, we hope that we have covered everything on the electrical front.

The Kitchen

Refreshed in January of 2018, the kitchen downstairs is bright, airy and spacious with a contemporary feel.  With 6 Falcon range cookers arranged around the perimeter of the room and a wonderful large wooden oak working space in the centre, the kitchen is a very versatile space.  With the garden adjacent to the kitchen, the flow into the garden during the warmer months is an added feature when using this space.

The Kitchen Garden

In spring 2019, the garden will be renovated, providing an inspirational space outdoors.  With an outside kitchen, separate areas for team meetings and lunches, a large central fire pit, the aim is to provide a useful space for outside meetings, lunches and feasts.  With fruit trees dotted around the garden, seasonal vegetable patches strategically placed, the garden will provide the perfect setting for feasts and gatherings.

The fabulous setting for the farm and Bridge 67 provides a unique and quirky setting for corporate events, feasts and gatherings.  We will leave it up to you and your imagination as to what you can do with the space and the facilities.

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